No More Yelling - The Art and Science of Respectful Discipline: Virtual

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Caroline Griswold


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    This 2-part workshop is designed for parents and caregivers with children from late toddlerhood to 6 years old, but those with older children are also welcome.

    When your baby was born, you told yourself you'd do your best to stay calm and not yell even when you got triggered.

    But as your child starts testing the boundaries of their world-and your patience-you find you are less able to hold on to the promises you made to yourself.

    It's so frustrating to feel that your child isn't behaving as you wish. On top of that, it can be so discouraging to see yourself behaving in a way that does not align with your values and the love you feel for your child.

    Yelling or harsh discipline methods not only lead to feelings of guilt and regret for you as a parent, they also undermine your child's need for safety and connection with you.

    The good news is that it is possible to learn effective ways to shift your child's behavior without resorting to punishment, yelling, or shaming.

    Join respectful-parenting coach Caroline Griswold for a unique two-part workshop on how to meet your most challenging moments with your child(ren) with greater connection and respect.

    Please Note:

    -Topics covered during this session can be found in the Details Tab.
    -We kindly ask that you leave your little ones at home, so you get as much as possible out of this wonderful class. Babes in arms are welcome.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.

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