Not Forever But For Now

Not Forever But For Now



Heather Malley

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Not Forever But For Now: A Story for Children about Feelings During the Pandemic

By Heather Malley

From the author...

I wrote this book for the families in our small preschool community, who had voiced concerns about children's upsets and questions during this time. Reading about emotions and concerns with a trusted adult can help children understand that these feelings are okay, helping them to open up and talk more about their own feelings. It can give parents a way to connect with their children, and help create an honest and healthy mindset as they cope with the idea that this is not forever but it is for now. -Heather Malley, Author, Founder of Caterpillar Cottage Preschool and fierce advocate of empathy and active listening.

"Not Forever But For Now is a great resource to help kids 'Name it to Tame it', and not only make sense of the confusion of the pandemic, but to give them a tool to be resilient. When kids can use their minds to remind themselves that the situation and their feelings are not permanent, they can cope better in the moment, and they can get practice learning how powerful their own minds are as they walk through difficult times."
-Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, LCSW, Bestselling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child, No-Drama Discipline, The Yes Brain, and The Power of Showing Up.

"Wonderful little book for kids to better understand the pandemic and the emotions they may be having. It simply, and in a non-frightening way, talks about fears, wishes, and ways to understand life now. What a beautiful and elegant exploration of what so many of us - adults too! - are experiencing. Thank you, Heather, for using your talents to help all of us through this."
-Mayim Bialik, Ph.D., American Actress, Scientist, and author and bestselling author of Girling Up, Boying up, Beyond the Sling, and Mayim's Vegan Table.

"In such a confusing and anxious time for many young children and families, this wonderfully accessible book provides opportunity to give voice to many complex feelings."
-Mike Sherman, PsyD - Developmental Psychologist

"(My child) loved the book... he asked about the child in the book feeling sad and finally that opened up a dialogue and he admitted that sometimes he is sad about staying home. Thank you."
-Parent of a 4-year-old

"This is a pitch-perfect book for preschoolers about the pandemic. Honest but hopeful, it touches on things that are bewildering and scary along with consoling activities that are evergreen, like cuddling and playing tag and looking for bugs. This book gives kids permission to feel all the myriad emotions that the quarantine arouses. And the refrain 'not forever but for now' will bring solace to parents and children alike."
-Susan North, Parent Educator


Pages: 28

Published: 2020