Ade + Ayo

Nua Print Long-Sleeve Lap Shoulder Onesie

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We're thrilled to have this African-inspired print by Oakland designer Temidayo Adedokun's new Ade + Ayo line.

"Nua" means "welcome" in Kwale, a language spoken in Delta State, Nigeria and the native language of an Ade + Ayo hero - founder Temidayo's mom. 

The Nua print brings Ankara style prints to baby wear. It makes Ankara, a traditional pattern and fabric style common in West Africa, comfortable for the littlest among us.

The Nua Print Long Sleeve Onesie has been carefully crafted to keep your little one comfortable without compromising style. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, these onesies are soft and safe for your baby's skin. 

“Ade + Ayo” combines the Yoruba (Nigerian language) words for “crown” and “joy,” reflecting the pride and happiness children bring to their parents’ lives. 

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