Pilot Winter Bonnet with Brim - Organic Auks

Pilot Winter Bonnet with Brim - Organic Auks


Urban Baby Bonnet (UB2)

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Our pilot-style, vintage-inspired bonnets feature a clean, snug fit in gorgeous fabrics. GOTS certified organic fabric with adorable auks makes a sweet, winterly hat. Warm interior fleece as well as long ear flaps offer fantastic cold weather protection.  Our snap strap keeps the hat on & ears warm even in windy weather. 

Sizing: This REVERSIBLE brimless pilot bonnet comes in five sizes. Please measure for the best possible fit. For a snug, vintage fit, please size DOWN (like our other hats, these run large)

Care: The cap is machine washable, but may shrink if you do. if you're concerned about shrinkage, please hand wash in cold water. Stretch, re-shape, and line dry or dry flat.

About the design: These caps are based on a timeless style called the coif. Worn for hundreds of years, coifs are very comfortable, they keep unruly hair in order on windy days, and they are absolutely adorable! More modern versions of the classic coif brought us the aviator hat and the bombardier cap.

*** Designed and handmade in Ohio, USA.