Prenatal Fitness Series: In Person

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Pilar Alicea

Please note: N95/KN95 Masks & proof of vaccine + booster is required for this in-person class. Please bring card or digital version to class.


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  • The non-member rate for this 3 week series is $90 and the member rate is $75. Click here to purchase your membership today.

    A fitness class specifically for the pregnant parent is here! In this group workout experience, participants will learn easily applicable corrective exercise strategies to help maintain strength and alignment throughout the prenatal and postpartum journey.

    Set to rhythms of reggaeton, hip-hop, dancehall, and more, classes will be centered around a weekly rotating topic relating to prenatal fitness, all within a supportive, safe, and joyful environment.

    What to Expect:

    Participants in the prenatal workout classes will learn how to use exercise to mentally and physically condition the body in preparation for labor and recovery. Inspired by HIIT training, this not-so-high-intensity interval training teaches the body to adapt to periods of intensity and capitalize on short periods of rest by reconnecting with the breath and re-centering the mind - similar to what we might find in early phases of contractions during labor.

    -Pelvic Floor Strengthening & Release
    -Cardio & Conditioning

    Please Note:

    -This series is intended for the pregnant person only.