Queer + Pregnant: A Pregnancy Journal


Jenna M Brown

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By Mx. Jenna M Brown

The first and only pregnancy journal created for queer individuals and families, by a queer doula.

So... You're pregnant and a little (or a lot) queer? The prompts in this journal provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your pregnancy, conception story, and parenting intentions. It is intended for pregnant people to use with or without the involvement of their partner(s) (when applicable). Topics include - self-care, stress, fear, identity, boundary-setting, asking for help, navigating care providers, birth plans, and more!

A portion of every sale goes towards the Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth Community Fund, which supports the work of midwives and doulas of color, and helps provide full-spectrum doula services to those in need at low-to-no-cost. This contribution also allows this resource to be made available for free to those that are unable to afford its cost. Learn more about Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth on our website, or by following @loveoverfearwellness on Instagram and Facebook.


Pages: 115

Published: 2019