Single Gold Wish Sparkler

Single Gold Wish Sparkler


TOPS Malibu

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An enchanting gift! Make a special wish! Celebrate grand occasions - sparkling birthdays, shimmering parties & gleaming celebrations. Single sparklers are the perfect addition to any party! Shiny Gold color. Each sparkler wand is sold individually.

Give them as a gift, wrap on your package, cake topper, or party decor. Make a GRAND statement the next time you celebrate!

Decorate cakes and sweets, pass out as party favors and make a special wish. WOW your guests with golden sparkles! Our sparklers are of the highest quality, cleanest burning sparklers in the world, leaving no black smoke or residue behind.

Handmade by artisans in the USA

Sparkler Size: 6.75" tall

Sold individually
Clean burning sparkles
Adult supervision required

Burns with a gold sparkle. Sparkler may be classic gold or rose gold.