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Snap! Stick Out Your Tongue!

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By San Francisco author Bob Barner

Snap! Stick Out Your Tongue! takes a fascinating look at some of the planet's strangest creatures, and their tongues.

This clever novelty book features pull-and-release tabs--pull the tongue on each page and watch it snap back into place when you let go!

Filled with impressive facts about the wild's most remarkable tongues, this book is both entertaining and educational.

  • A clever novelty book that mimics the tongues of the creatures featured
  • Pull-and-release tabs that snap! back into place on every spread
  • Makes it appear as if each animal is slurping dramatically

What animal has the largest tongue in the world? What animal's tongue is twice as long as its body?

Written and illustrated by the distinguished and ever-curious Bob Barner, this innovative snapping board book will satisfy even the hungriest of curious minds.

  • Curious, animal-loving kids will go wild for this silly and irresistible book
  • Perfect for children ages 3 to 5
  • Equal parts educational and entertaining, this makes a great gift for parents and grandparents, as well as librarians, science teachers, and educators

Board Book

Target Age: 3-5

Pages: 10

Published: 2020


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