The Doula Business Guide, 3rd Edition

The Doula Business Guide, 3rd Edition


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The Doula Business Guide, 3rd Edition: How to Succeed as a Birth, Postpartum or End-of-Life Doula

By Patty Brennan

The landscape for doulas is ever changing, growing, evolving. With this new 3rd edition of The Doula Business Guide, Patty Brennan provides freshly-updated resources and insights into the business side of being a doula. As a growing number of end-of-life doulas are pioneering new approaches to compassionate support at the other end of the birth-death continuum, there will be many who can benefit from Patty's guidance. She shows both new and seasoned doulas how to go from dream to reality, step-by-step, and make their living doing work they love. Discover why this book is required reading for a growing number of doulas of all kinds.

"Lest it sound daunting, this book is a good read! Patty's honesty, conversational tone, humor, instructive stories and obvious expertise carry you through each chapter. She shares pearls of wisdom that she has gleaned from years of experience with many types of doula practice. This book is more than an excellent guide to business, but also a guide to the high road for each of us and to growth for the entire doula movement." - Penny Simkin, PT, co-founder of DONA International and prolific author.

"In her newly expanded Doula Business Guide and Workbook, Patty Brennan continues to dissolve the largest looming barrier for doulas-turning a work of heart into a professional practice. She gently companions readers through a comprehensive overview of launching and sustaining a successful business. Doulas not only learn about the ins and outs of organization and marketing, they learn about themselves-their strengths, fears and goals. I strongly recommend this invaluable resource to all aspiring and practicing doulas!" - Francesca Arnoldy, Program Director, University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine's End-of-Life Doula Training and author of Cultivating the Doula Heart: Essentials of Compassionate Care


Pages: 412

Published: 2018