The Night Sky Bedtime Shadow Book

The Night Sky Bedtime Shadow Book


Peter Pauper Press

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The Night Sky: Stories of the Stars - A Bedtime Shadow Book

Written by Amber Tunnell and illustrated by Martha Day Zschock

Share stories of the night sky and soothe little ones to sleep with this unique bedtime book! Simply shine a cell phone or flashlight through the transparent page ''windows'' to cast silhouette pictures on the wall as you read with your child. It's a fun and comforting way to end the day and experience a book together.

The Night Sky: Stories of the Stars lets youngsters drift off to sleep as they discover the origins of seven well known constellations, such as Orion the Hunter, Pegasus the winged horse, Hercules, and Leo the Lion.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: For best results, use this shadow book with a small, single-bulb light source. A small pen light, other single-LED light, or the light on the back of a smartphone is recommended. Multi-LED flashlights are not recommended. If you have trouble getting a clear image, try moving your light closer to or farther away from the page.

Hardcover with spiral binding

Pages: 7

Target Age: 3-9

Published: 2014