Tiny Chaps Split Pants

Tiny Chaps Split Pants


Tiny Undies

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Baby chaps (aka split pants or kāidāngkù in Chinese) are perfect for:

  • diaper-free observation time for elimination communication
  • wearing under a diaper back-up for easy baby pottying (without making baby chilly), and
  • enabling young toddlers, who can’t yet manipulate their clothing, to independently use the toilet or potty.

A long-time staple for Chinese children...now available to you in luxurious OKEO-TEX 100 Certified 100% combed cotton - yum. (All the grown-ups who've felt these have requested a pair of pants in the same material - with the crotch.)

Features a super-soft velcro closure in the front for easy removal in case of a "miss" or accident that is somewhat messy, and also for use to adjust the waist sizing for your child.


0-3 months:
  • height 20in/52cm
  • waist 15in±1in/40cm±4cm
3-6 months:
  • height 23in/59cm
  • waist 17in±1in/44cm±4cm
6-9 months:
  • height 26in/66cm
  • waist 19in±1in/48cm±4cm
9-12 months:
  • height 29in/73cm
  • waist 19in±1in/48cm±4cm
12-18 months:
  • height 31in/80cm
  • waist 19in±1in/48cm±4cm
18-24 months:
  • height 35in/90cm
  • waist 19in±1in/48cm±4cm



Machine wash warm, lay flat to dry, do not bleach, iron low when needed