Toddler and Preschooler Musical Sign Language Story Time: Virtual

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Lauren Conley


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  • Class Description

    Our Toddler/Preschooler Series takes our Baby Sign Language Playgroups to a new level - just for toddlers and preschoolers (Active Walkers to Five Years Old)! Your child will have a blast learning American Sign Language (ASL) with singing, dancing, story time, and action-packed games.

    Whereas the baby sign language series are named after the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue, the Toddler series are divided into three series named after the secondary colors: Orange, Green, and Purple.

    Benefits of Signing with Older Children


    Three series, each consisting of seven fun-filled themed sessions. It doesn't matter which one you take first.

    Please Note:

    -Content covered in these sessions is included in the Details section below.
    -The themes of each session are outlined in the Details Tab along with the corresponding dates.
    -Although the Baby Sign Language Series was intended more for adult learning, the Toddler & Preschooler sessions are designed with your child in mind.

  • Details

    Orange Series:

    -Let’s Eat
    -More than a Rainbow of Colors
    -Lions and Tigers and Bears and More
    -We are Family
    -Vehicles that Go Va Voom!
    -What are You Wearing?
    -Let’s Go Outside

    Green Series:

    -Move and Groove
    -What are You Feeling?
    -Splish! Splash!
    -It’s Potty Time!
    -Under the Sea
    -What a Zoo

    Purple Series:

    -Happy Birthday!
    -Woodland Animals
    -Garden Critters
    -Playtime and Action
    -Manners and Safety
    -Home Sweet Home

  • Facilitator(s)

    Lauren Conley is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Speech Language Pathologist who also has a passion for sign language! Lauren received her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the Ohio State University, where she took American Sign Language. Lauren has worked in early intervention since 2013 where she uses her ASL signs daily, with songs and stories. Lauren found that signing is not only beneficial to teaching early communication, but it is also FUN! Lauren has a baby girl who loves to watch her favorite song ‘let it go’ come to life with sign language.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mitzi K
The habit of practicing was instilled in me...and teacher Bill White made it a joyful exercise du...

Favorite part is Interacting with others in breakout rooms and sign singing. It is absolutely exceeding my needs and wants. Bill White is the perfect signing educator. It is crucial to learn all the tips for teaching a baby/toddler to understand and use sign. He has a plethora of good advice, practical examples from personal experience, and a fabulous sense of humor to keep us wanting to stay with the endeavor of learning baby signing

Sonja H
Continued confidence to keep practicing signing with our baby!

I think Bill has this down like a well oiled machine.

Ashley M
A relevant sign language vocabulary

Loved the instructor and the resources (vocabulary-only videos helped me test what I learned and brush up on my vocabulary before class) and participating with the other class attendees through breakout sessions.