We Became Jaguars

We Became Jaguars


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Written by Dave Eggers and illustrated by Woodrow White

Revel in the breathtaking fantasticality of We Became Jaguars--a picture book from bestselling author Dave Eggers.

When Grandma comes to visit and a young boy's parents leave, the rules of the house--and the world--change: grandson and grandmother transform into jaguars! Readers follow their journey into the undiscovered world of nature, experience true freedom, and lose themselves in an exhilarating adventure. After a day of playing, running, and climbing through sumptuous landscapes, the ending will leave you wondering what's real and what's imagined.

  •  A captivating, unusual story about a child and his grandmother
  • Full of lush illustrations of the natural world
  • Celebrates the power of love and storytelling

Breathtaking and bold, We Became Jaguars is sure to give readers beautiful dreams.


Target Age: 5-8

Pages: 44

Published: 2021