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Handmade Wood Teething Rattle/Shaker

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These handcrafted natural teething rattles stand out for their simplicity and charm. They always make people stop and look and are a popular baby shower gift with our customers.

They are handmade from remnant woods in Oregon - no living trees are ever cut to make these rattles. Safe, natural alternative to plastic toys. They are developmentally appropriate for babies age 4 months and older as a teething rattle, and are a great percussion rattle for musical play for older babies and kids.

Earnest Efforts has been handcrafting these natural wood teething rattles since 1999, and is now bringing happy teething to a second generation of customers.

  • Sustainably harvested woods that will NOT splinter
  • Lead & phthalate free
    Copper-coated steel bbs
  • Clapham's all-natural Beeswax Finish - no stains or varnishes
  • Certified ASTM D-4236 non-toxic wood glue


"Babies & Mother Earth are our most precious gifts and that's why we use the materials we have chosen" ~Earnest Efforts

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