Picture showing the wooden veggies, cloth bag, wood knife, and wooden crate
Picture shows a play kitchen with a white flecked counter and a wooden pot on a burner. The wooden veggies are in the sink with a child's hand reaching in and picking up the carrot
Picture shows the wooden veggies, cloth bag, and crate alongside their packaging box which is natural kraft color with a green and white label

Wooden Vegetables Playset


Coco Village

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Your little one goes to the market and puts in their little basket:

1 tomato
1 radish
1 carrot
1 potato
1 lettuce leaf
1 mushroom
1 beet

Everything is there to fill it with delicious fresh produce!

This is a great game to help children learn as well as introduce them to healthy eating habits. Through playing, they will discover a world of colors and flavors, while they learn to recognize the different vegetables in their basket!

Children love to play pretend. Includes a wooden knife for slicing the vegetables, a cloth storage bag, and wooden crate.


Length : 7.5'' (19.1cm)
Width : 4.2'' (10.7cm)
Depth : 2.4'' (6cm)


Ideal for ages 3+
Exclusive design
Premium quality materials
ASTM / SOR / CE Certified. This product meets all current standards for chemical components and safety in objects intended for child use


Made for indoor use. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. Clean with mild soap and water. Children should always be supervised while playing. Please keep an eye on your child during playtime to ensure safety and proper use of this product.


The wooden vegetables come apart in two halves that are held together by velcro. They are painted in attracive colors and have felt leaves where appropriate. The lettuce leaf is a felt shape with detail stitching.

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