Picture of the HABA Zookeeper Shape Sorting Box. It shows a wooden box with a yellow disc with a picture of a zebra on top. On one of the visible sides is a picture of an alligator and a starburst-like shape with a green panel. On the other visible side is a picture of two red monkeys with a hexagon shape and a red panel. In front of it are eight wooden blocks in shapes and half shapes including square, cylinder, hexagon, and starburst.
Picture of a child playing with the HABA Zookeeper Shape Sorting Box. He has short dark blonde hair and a light skin tone and is wearing a blue shirt, seated in front of a low white table.

Zookeeper Wooden Shape Sorting Box



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This sorting box is doubly delightful. Like a real zoo, there is a feeding slot in front of each enclosure. But watch out! If the slot is down, the animals only get half of their "dinner".

Pushing the slot upwards allows the entire "meal" to fit into the enclosure.

As children play, they can pretend to feed the animals while becoming more familiar with color and shape recognition!

Includes one sorting box and 8 wooden shapes. (4 whole shapes and 4 half shapes).

Wooden box measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 5.5" and is a great way to have fun with fine motor skills for children aged 12 months and up.