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Welcome to the oldest, most comprehensive in-person doula training program in the Bay Area!

Explore our doula training programs below. Our doula program includes birth doula training, postpartum doula training, and opportunities for working doulas to become certified (see below). If you are and/or would like to be a childbirth educator or midwife, starting with our Doula training courses is a great way to confirm that this career path is right for you. Get the best Doula training the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer! Our core doula training workshops require in-person sessions in San Francisco.

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What we offer


We provide specialized birth doula and postpartum doula training courses tailored to the needs of each stage of supporting the expectant and new parent.  With our Reproductive Justice class, you will receive DEI training so you can be familiar with social justice issues and discuss the effects of race and racism in obstetrics and postpartum care. CPR training is also available for those who haven’t already received it.

Our intro session should help ease you into the process and answer all your questions about how to become a doula, how long it takes, how much it costs, your prospects for a fulfilling career, how to connect with other doulas, and create a professional network.


We will provide you with many resources valuable for aspiring Doulas, such as reference materials, birth plan templates, business plan templates, client intake form templates, marketing strategies, and more.

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After you've finished our doula training program, you'll have two years to complete the certification requirements and become a certified doula.

Why get certified?

  • Meet a community and professional standard.
  • Receive additional theoretical and practical training.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professionalism.
  • Get your services covered by certain insurance plans.

Are you an “established Doula” who has completed a training program and worked for several years as a Doula but did not complete the certification process?  If so, we also provide a certification pathway to established Doulas looking to become certified.

Click on a class below to learn more or click on the links below to find our certification requirements as well as our list of books and other resources for doulas.

Find our Birth Doula Certification Requirements here.

Find our Postpartum Doula Certification Requirements here.

Find our Established Doula Certification Requirements here.

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