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Classes + Groups

We'll prepare you for breastfeeding and support you once baby arrives.

The Lactation Support Circle is weekly, for post-birth families. The Breast/Chest Feeding class is monthly, for expectant families.

Lactation Classes + Groups

At home support

Don't wait to get help if you're having an issue. Working with an expert Lactation Consultant can make all the difference for parent and baby. The first 6 weeks, in-home care is highly recommended (especially during COVID-19)

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Products + Rentals

We carry a broad range of products for the nursing mother or parent including lactation teas, tinctures and herbs, nipple shields, Medela pumping supplies, nursing bras and pumping bustiers, supplemental nursing systems and more.

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Nursing Bra Fittings

Ill-fitting bras can be worse than just uncomfortable for a breastfeeding or chestfeeding parent -- they can contribute to clogged ducts and mastitis! We offer bra fittings & can advise you on the right bra for your changing body.

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In-Home Consultations

In-Home Consultations are recommended for: the first two to three weeks after birth, issues of a more complex nature, twins, especially during the first month after birth, hospitalized infants, those who are experiencing difficulty with latching, positioning, painful nursing, mothers with low supply, weight gain issues, complications such as thrush, mastitis, bottle refusal, etc, 

In-Home Consultations Include:

1-2 hours of focused one-on-one consultation

compassionate and evidence based breastfeeding support

observation and evaluation of breastfeeding

assessment of mother and baby

weigh baby on pediatric digital scale <strong>

a written detailed, individualized, and realistic breastfeeding plan

up to 2 weeks of phone & email follow-up support

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Submit the form below to request a call from a consultant to discuss your situation and/or set up an appointment. 

Learn more about our consultants: Tracy Massillon, IBCLC ~ Amy Clark, IBCLC ~ Jen Kiatta, IBCLC

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