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do you have a baby on the way? we help orient you through this part of the journey

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As you make space in your arms and in your heart for the arrival of your baby, it is normal and understandable for your tremendous joy and excitement to be accompanied by questions and doubts about how you will give birth to an entire person, feed them, and give them the best care possible. We're here to answer questions and give you information so you can make informed decisions about how you birth, how you begin parenting, and the products you want to use.


The essential classes and groups you need to get ready for baby. Get information and connect with others at the same stage.

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We have a secret - you don't need hundreds of things to welcome your little bundle of joy. We keep it simple and sweet so your registry has what you need.

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A doula educates, loves, respects, listens, embraces, advocates for, and assists during labor, childbirth, and after.

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Sign up to easily save $500 or more during the first year of your little one's life (seriously).

Becoming a member at Natural Resources means discounts on classes and products AND a sense of belonging and intimacy within a parenting community which was founded to support new parents like you.

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Products for Pregnancy + Birth

As you get ready there are products you need to stay healthy and comfortable through pregnancy; for birth and postpartum; for baby's arrival; and to get your home ready.

We have gliders, mattresses, supplements, compression socks, belly bands, sleeping pillows, and so much more.

There's a long list of items you never even knew existed but now you need them - ASAP!

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There are some things you don't need forever. We rent out TENS machines, birth tubs, breast pumps and more - just for the time you need them.

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The practice of baby wearing is timeless. For centuries, families have been carrying their babies since birth. Benefits of baby wearing include positive attachment and physical and emotional regulation. In addition to these, the practical ability to use both hands to complete a task with a little one in tow encourage families to continue this tradition.

We offer consultations to families looking to purchase or learn how to use a baby carrier.

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How do you want to diaper your baby? Cloth or compostable? What's the impact to the environment, and what works for your family? What about the centuries-old technique of Elimination Communication?

We have the products and classes you need to figure out the right path for you.

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GATHER emerged during COVID-19 as a way for expectant parents and new parents to “meet”, make connections, and build community. You're not in this alone!

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Our space for you

Much more than just a retail store, Natural Resources is a community space for new families where you can come anytime to feed and change your baby as well as hydrate and feed yourself!

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