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your beautiful baby has arrived! you're a parent! now what?

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When a baby is born, a parent is born. While we advocate for deeply intentional parent education and preparation before your baby is born, most parents also need social and emotional support and a shared community to healthily navigate the early months of caring for their child. 

As you do so much to care for the new person in your life, please know that we care about you, new parent, and your wellbeing.


The early months are the perfect time to find community, emotional support, and parent education through parent circles, infant massage workshops, as well as baby observation and developement classes. 

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If you are planning to or are already nursing your baby we're here to help. Take our classes to get ready and come to us to find support ASAP if you are experiencing breastfeeding challenges.

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The practice of baby wearing is timeless. Benefits include: positive attachment, physical + emotional regulation, and the practical ability to use both hands to complete a task with a little one in tow.

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Sign up to easily save $500 or more during the first year of your little one's life (seriously).

Becoming a member at Natural Resources means discounts on classes and products AND a sense of belonging and intimacy within a parenting community which was founded to support new parents like you.

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Pacifiers, bottles, baby carriers, swaddles, pump supplies... the list of things you need with a new baby can change by the day. We help with our curated selection of trusted favorites in our store.

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How do you want to diaper your baby? Cloth or compostable? What's the impact to the environment, and what works for your family? What about the centuries-old technique of Elimination Communication?

We have the products and classes you need to figure out the right path for you.

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Interested in that book? Not sure which carrier you want? Need a baby scale or hospital grade breast pump? When you rent you get high quality items and save the landfill. Members always save!

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GATHER emerged during COVID-19 as a way for expectant parents and new parents to “meet”, make connections, and build community. You're not in this alone!

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Our Space for you

Much more than just a retail store, Natural Resources is a community space for new families where you can come anytime to feed and change your baby as well as hydrate and feed yourself!

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