GATHER GATHER is for families who take classes or join new parent support groups at Natural Resources. The idea is that in “normal” times while taking our classes in person, you'd meet, chat, and hang out with other parents building a community that would be meaningful after baby is born. GATHER is a way for you to make those connections during the time of COVID-19. by Natural Resources is a way for expectant parents and new parents to “meet”, make connections, and build community. There are 3 pathways for connection:

  • A private social media network (not Facebook). It is built on a platform called Mighty Network.
  • Natural Resources’ virtual classes & support groups.
  • IRL socially distanced “GATHERing” at neighborhood parks. To be attended at your discretion.

How Does GATHER Work?

  1. You will join our Private Social Media Network, called GATHER. You can write posts, ask questions, create polls, etc.
  2. Within GATHER you have the opportunity to join smaller “Communities” with others who have something in common with you. This is optional but highly encouraged.
  3. Members of the Communities are able to schedule and attend In Real Life, socially distant GATHERings.
Participation in the IRL GATHERINGS is optional. Each GATHERing will have a 10 person max.We will schedule the initial GATHERings to get the ball rolling then it is up to the members of the community to plan subsequent ones.

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Postpartum Doula Training

Our 22-hour program is a thorough preparation in attending newly expanded families. Enrollment in the program includes a comprehensive electronic booklet full of information and resources and an in-person, classroom experience with in-depth discussion of the care & support of a newly postpartum parent. Students have the option of becoming certified after completing additional training requirements.

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We strongly recommend you become certified. While there are no government or health agencies who oversee Doula certification, it is community and professional standard that a Doula will receive a thorough and robust training. Completing certification requirements imparts trainees with additional theoretical and practical knowledge, and demonstrates a commitment to a high level of professionalism, responsibility and reliability.

After your Core Doula Training, you have 2 years to complete the Certification Requirements.

Birth Certification

Postpartum Certification

Benefits of Taking Our Training

Doulas who train with Natural Resources get additional benefits beyond their first rate education. Since we work directly with expecting & new families we are in a unique position to help you connect with those looking for support. Our new Doulas receive access to free marketing via a listing on our Resource Directory for one year or until they are charging market rate for their services, invitations to networking events, reduced Professional Membership fees, priority access to parent/doula meet & greet events, direct connections to parents looking for doulas and more.

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Advanced Training & Certification

Our Advanced Training program provides you with additional professional development opportunities, and the option of advanced certification.

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