Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19 we have moved some of our classes and support offerings online and we have launched an online store.

General Questions

The best way for us to avoid playing phone tag is for you  request a call from staff.  We will then call you at on of your prefered times. You can also leave a message at 415-550-2611 or email us at for general inquiries and for class/support group related questions.


We are slowly adding in-person offerings back to our schedule. Virtual & in-person offerings will be noted as such in the description.

If you are currently enrolled in a virtual class it will likely stay virtual.

Classes that are in-person will have "in-person" in their name.

You can see all our current in-person offerings here.

It is unlikely that a virtual class will be changed to in-person. In the event that we would like to move a virtual class to in-person we will check with all registered students ahead of time to make sure this works for them.

If some students cannot attend then we will either move them to another date, hold the class both in-person & online or just hold it online. This will be determined on a class by class basis. We will communicate with all registered throughout the process.