We are excited to announce the Natural Resources' International Established Doulas Certification Program

Our program is for active doulas who have not completed a formal certification process. By going though this program you will be granted a certification that may be required in order for your clients to receive reimbursement from their insurance. 

As an "Established Doula", a Doula who has worked for 25 or more clients in the last five years, you are eligible to become certified via this program. There are two steps that you will need to complete prior to becoming certified.

1. Purchase the Certification Packet by clicking here.

Once you have gathered all necessary paperwork as referenced in the packet you will be ready for Step 2.

2. Purchase the Certification Application by clicking here.

You will receive the link to our application where all certification materials will be submitted at one time for review by our team. Following review of the completed application our team will provide you with your Certification, valid for 5 years.

Proof of CEs will be part of the Certification Program. The following Natural Resources classes will be accepted as CE credit:

-Reproductive Justice Class

-Adult and Infant/Child CPR & Safety Full Certification Course: In Person