Reproductive Justice: Virtual


Rebecca Orozco & Ajira Darch


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  • As part of the Birth Doula Training, Natural Resources offers supplemental sessions in order to support the core training prospective doulas receive. In addition to doula students, this supplemental session is open to the entire Natural Resources birth + early parenting community, including previously trained doulas, birth workers, and all other service providers.

    Reproductive Justice addresses the history that racism has played in our country, in obstetrics, and the treatment of people of color in the medical system. Recognizing history, current beliefs and practices, as well as the repercussions for birthing people today allow us to begin to understand just how crucial it is for all practitioners to be aware and actively working to change the current system in which people are giving birth and raising children.

    Professionally, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge to begin making changes in your own practices that do not support Reproductive Justice. Personally, this workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore your own beliefs and biases that daily influence your personal and professional relationships. Further, you will gain a network of birth workers, birth professionals, and others from the Natural Resources community through which you can begin to engage in making systemic changes.

    Please Note:

    -If you are currently registered for the Birth Doula Training, this session is included in your registration fee. Do not register separately.