Birth Doula Core Training: In Person



Michelle Welborn & Claudia Penate

Please note: Access to the Reproductive Justice online course will be provided at the time of registration. This course is to be completed independently prior to the Q&A session on June 8.


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  • The Natural Resources International Birth Doula Core Training is the oldest and most comprehensive live, in person training in the Bay Area. Our training includes 38 hours of engaging instruction that prepares you to work in the doula profession. NR also provides ongoing community support and professional perks to all of its new doulas.

    IMPORTANT: All sessions will be held in person at Natural Resources except Reproductive Justice. This session will be held virtually. Zoom information will be provided to you prior to your session.

  • Birth Doulas act as a collaborator, support and advocate for the birthing person as they move through the transitional space known as labor. They use their continuous presence and knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, emotions and hormones of labor to empower the birthing person and facilitate best outcomes. The support of a Birth Doula may include helping to create a birth plan, suggestions of comfort measures and positions during labor and birth, and caring for the emotional well-being of the birthing person during and directly after labor. Research shows that continuous labor support reduces a person's likelihood of having pain medication, increases their satisfaction with their birth and their chances of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Birth doulas work in all birth settings including birth centers, homes & hospitals.

    Please Note:

    -Any in person session may be moved to Zoom pending COVID cases.
    -Michelle is an active midwife and Claudia is an active Doula. They may be called to attend a birth during a scheduled session. Please hold the following dates in the event one of your sessions needs to be rescheduled: July 23 or July 25.
    -Course content is outlined in the Details tab.
    -Payment details are outlined in the Details tab.
    -Click here for the Birth Doula Certification Requirements.

    Why train with Natural Resources?

    • As an organization that directly educates and supports new and expecting families, we are uniquely positioned to have a holistic view of the needs of both doulas and parents.

    • NR-trained doulas receive ongoing support and the opportunity to present their services to parents via multiple avenues, including our resource directory & monthly Find a Doula Meet & Greet.

    • Our training is comprehensive, occurs over multiple weeks (rather than an intense weekend), and offers more lecture hours than many programs. This allows for:

      • Ample opportunities to connect with your cohort, building a network for backups, partnerships and other support.

      • More time to fully absorb and comprehend the content, ask questions, and receive feedback. 

    • Attendees receive instruction from multiple facilitators, and various guest speakers present their experience, expertise, tips, and tricks throughout the course of the training.

    • Our robust certification process allows doulas the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and get hands-on experience.

    • You'll be able to confidently work with families and market yourselves to potential clients and even birthing facilities.

Customer Reviews

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Marissa V.
Confidence and knowledge.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this course. This course has expanded my awareness of birth and the scope of what a doula provides to birthing peoples. I am leaving this course feeling more confident, not only in myself and my abilities, but in birthing people in general, and their innate awareness of how to birth.

Ryann S.
A solid understanding of pregnancy, birth, and the way doulas can support birthing people and the...

The teacher is incredible. She's such a humble yet powerful guide in this process, and I felt really inspired by her and supported by her through the entire training. A lot of encouragement and a strong support system to learn alongside.

Daphna D.
I gained the knowledge that I have the power to be a doula and that my presence could be the most...

The facilitators were amazing! Their approach to teaching is inclusive and encourages questions and discussion. They both are very knowledgable about their work and they communicate their experiences well.