Babies Are Not Pizzas

Babies Are Not Pizzas


Evidence Based Birth

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Babies Are Not Pizzas: They're Born, Not Delivered

By Rebecca Dekker

One in three births is traumatic.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Like many first-time parents, Rebecca walked into labor and delivery as a healthy pregnant person and walked out as a statistic--as someone who had a traumatic birth.

Rebecca planned to give birth at the hospital affiliated with her university, where she was an award-winning nurse researcher finishing her doctoral degree. But hospital practices and policies that were more than twenty years out of date left her with complications that seemed preventable. Worst for Rebecca, her healthy baby was whisked off to a nursery right away. She spent the first few hours after birth begging to see her own baby!

A few years later and pregnant again, Rebecca put her research skills to work and examined the hard evidence on what went wrong with her first childbirth experience.

She discovered shocking truths that not only impact millions of families every year, but would change the entire course of her life.

Embark on a journey with Rebecca as she exposes the stark realities of institutional care during childbirth and reveals inspirational solutions for parents and professionals alike.


Pages: 256

Published: 2019