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Home birth is a treasured option for many families. It provides a level of personal attention, individualized care, and comfort that is hard to achieve with standard hospital birth. In the San Francisco Bay Area the majority of home births are attended by licensed midwives and some certified nurse midwives. 
Midwives are dedicated to helping their clients make informed decisions during their pregnancies and postpartum. Typically that means midwives are:

A familiar face at each appointment, and adequate time to ask questions and address concerns. 

  • A specialist in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care who has designed a complete program of care to nurture healthy pregnancy, joyful birth and confident parenting.
  • A medical professional providing individualized, culturally appropriate, family-centered full-scope prenatal services, and continuous care and support during labor and birth.
  • An experienced ally to discuss informed consent and shared decision-making to best meet the values, needs, and priorities of each family during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
  • A skilled and knowledgeable care provider to facilitate healthy normal childbirth, assure comfort and safety, and to accommodate the needs of the family.
  • Someone to help establish a collaborative care plan with obstetricians, pediatricians, and other specialists in cases where medical care is needed.
  • A clinical professional offering nurturing postpartum care and support at home in the weeks after birth to help with breastfeeding and adjustment to a new baby and changes in the family.