Meet the Midwives: Virtual

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The San Francisco Homebirth Collective


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  • Wondering what your options are for where you give birth?
    Are you interested in homebirth?
    Are you curious what a homebirth looks like?

    Come get your questions answered by a homebirth midwife.


    Homebirth had a resurgence in the 1970s thanks to hippies and other back to nature enthusiasts. But homebirth isnt just for hippies anymore. Today more than 62,000 babies in the US are born outside of the hospital each year. its still a small percentage of total births, but its a happy subset.

    Care with a homebirth midwife follows The Midwives Model of Care and is family-centered. It is uniquely nurturing before, during and after birth.

    San Francisco has a rich history of homebirth and a vibrant midwifery community including the members of the San Francisco Homebirth Collective, your facilitators for this free info session.