Rentals We carry a number of items available for rent to expecting and new parents. Please call 415-550-2611 or come by today to make your reservations or to check out these items. Our members enjoy either exclusive access or a discount on all rentals.


Hospital Grade Medela Breastpumps are available for daily, weekly, monthly, and three month rentals. Hospital grade breastpumps are the strongest, most efficient and durable breastpumps available. These pumps effectively stimulate your breasts to help maintain and increase your breast milk production and output.

Birth Tubs

AquaDoula Birth Tubs are available for those who want a deep tub for use in labor and/or birth. Reserve well in advance as we often "sell out" months ahead of time.

Tens Machine

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a drug-free option available for women in labor to assist with pain relief. 

Baby Carriers

For Members Only Baby Carriers of all kinds are available to members. We rent soft structured slings and wraps including the Ergo, Moby Wraps, Beco, and more. The rental fee can be put towards the purchase of a carrier.

Books and DVDS

For Members Only Books and DVDS on topics such as Birth, Parenting, Pediatric Care, Breastfeeding and more are available for members to borrow for FREE.