For Siblings

Help the big sibling-to-be get ready for baby!

A new arrival is a big transition for an older sibling - their role in the family is shifting and while they may be excited to step into that role, they may also experience a sense of loss because they no longer have their parents' undivided attention, or feel left out while everyone fusses over the baby.

Great choices for new baby gifts for siblings are items that specifically help siblings with that transition, such as:

  • gifts that prepare them for, or involve them in, what is involved in baby care, such as books about new babies or a doll carrier or pram
  • gifts that celebrate their personal relationship with their new sibling and their new role, such matching sibling outfits or Big Brother T-shirt, for example
  • gifts that give them something creative to get immersed in - art supplies or Eco Bricks are great choices
  • gifts that reaffirm their existing relationship with a parent, like our matching Daddy & me bow tie & suspender sets
  • gifts that give them an activity to do together with you regularly. HABA My First Games are perfect for beginning a game night tradition, for example.
  • gifts that help them establish a space of their own, such as the Kinderfeets play tent, their own desk and chair, or decor for their bedroom
  • gifts that celebrate their own milestones on their big kid journey, such as a balance bike

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