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Going Back To Work: Virtual

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Michelle Olsen


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    This workshop is here to support you through the profound transition of returning to work following the birth of your baby.

    Going back to work after becoming a parent has its challenges. You may feel a tug and pull between staying home and returning to a part of your life that was significant pre-baby... You may be counting the days until you go back to your career life or you may be extremely sad and not want to go back to work but feel stuck. In this class you will be met with compassion for wherever you are in your transition back to work. All experiences are welcome.

    Come and discern the best pace and action plan for your unique, individual transition to the working world as a Mom. We spend much time preparing for birth but less time preparing for the integration of life after the baby is born. Come and be in community with other Moms in the same place and create the next best steps for you and your family with ease, grace and flow. In this class you can expect to:

    -Gain clarity on your unique personal values
    -Prioritize your time and energy to best serve you and your family
    -Generate a self-created action plan to help you easily transition back to work
    -Define the best type of support for your individual needs and family

    Please Note:


    -We kindly ask that you leave your little ones at home, so you get as much as possible out of this wonderful class.

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