Lactation Support Circle: In-Person

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Amy Clark

Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine is required for this in-person class. Please bring card or digital version to class.


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    If you would like to attend the VIRTUAL Lactation Support Circle, you can register here.

    Registration prior to arriving at Natural Resources is required. 

    This group is for: All parents who are nursing (breastfeeding or chestfeeding) or pumping milk to give a bottle. You are encouraged to bring your nursing child with you. We also encourage pregnant parents to come by before your baby is born, so you can see what lactation looks like and get a heads up on the kinds of issues that can arise.

    Pregnant people can attend for FREE (email to register).

    Though nursing your baby is one of most natural acts, it can be challenging, especially during the early weeks as you recover from your baby's birth and adjust to new parenthood. If you have any concerns getting support immediately is one of the best ways to help ensure a satisfying nursing relationship. In this group breastfeeding and chestfeeding parents can get help with a poor latch, supply issues, pumping, introducing a bottle & more. This is also a great opportunity for you to connect, share and form friendships with other nursing moms and parents.

    Before nursing, babies can be weighed on a digital scale to help assess how much milk the baby is taking in.

    Please Note:

    -Masks are required for all adults in attendance.
    -Bring your own blanket, boppy, and/or nursing pillow to use during the circle.
    -This group is not held on all major holidays. Please check the schedule.
    -Common topics discussed during this group are listed in the Details tab.

    IMPORTANT IN-PERSON POLICY: If health and safety concerns warrant it (uptick in COVID-19 infection, poor air quality due to wild fires, etc) all in-person classes may be moved to a virtual format. Refunds and rescheduling, would not be offered in these circumstances. By signing up for in-person classes you are agreeing to this stipulation. We reserve the right to make this change at our discretion. 

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