New Mothers Circle: BEGIN Series (In Person)

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Ginny Zeppa

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  • Class Description

    The New Mothers Circle is the oldest existing group of its kind in SF. Established by sage midwife, Yeshi Neumann, over 20 years ago, the New Mothers Circle is the only rite of passage-style New Mothers Circle in San Francisco. Two hour sessions, deep discussions and opportunities for connection and dialogue, blended with guided exercises and ceremony make this a one-of-a-kind experience. For mothers with babes in arms (up to around 4 months).

    Experience a safe, authentic, and unconditionally loving space to share and connect with other mothers, to understand better how you want to parent, to connect in your experience of your body in labor, birth, and postpartum, to be seen and understood, and to find and root in the comfort and support of community.

    Our time together will balance the needs for individual support, exploration of prominent themes of new motherhood, and growing the bond of the group with the intention that your cohort will be your mama village going forward long after the group ends.

    The arc of this series has a magic rooted in ritual and other wise woman practices that sets it apart from other offerings for new parents. This circle goes beyond the typical practical advice and offers the chance for a transformational experience with the invaluable takeaway of long-term, meaningful friendship and community.

    Many groups continue meeting weekly well beyond the six weeks and count the mamas in their cohort as their most trusted companions in this wild journey of parenting and life.

    Two hour sessions make space for deep connection and discussion which is essential for a spacious, welcoming, naturally occurring connective group vibe.

    Please Note:

    -Content covered in these sessions is included in the Details section below.
    -Topics covered in each session can be found in the Details section.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.

  • Details

    General Overview of the New Mothers Circle (each circle is tailored specifically to the unique group of mothers who attend):

    Session 1 Birth and Motherhood:

    -Joys and challenges of mothering so far.
    -Birth story sharing.
    -Group guidelines for creating and maintaining a sacred, safe space.

    Session 2 The Emotional Experience of Mothering:

    -Navigating our emotions and responding to the needs and expressions of babies/children.

    Session 3 Our Mothers:

    -Our experiences and relationships with our own mothers.
    -Reflecting on the gifts and humanity of the women who mothered us.

    Session 4 Our Bodies:

    -Your changing body from the beginning of your life up to this moment.
    -Appreciation for the miracle and power of our bodies.

    Session 5 Romance and Parenting:

    -Joys and challenges in partnership and the transition to parenthood.
    -Practices to improve communication and intimacy. And/or, the joys and challenges of being a single parent.

    Session 6 Our Community:

    -How to maintain support and community.
    -Honoring each other as mothers and blessing the babies.

  • Facilitator(s)

    Ginny Zeppa is a parent educator and transformational coach. Through a Masters in Education, postpartum doula work, somatic psychology, and her own journey as a mother, she is devoted to understanding human development and growth. Fascinated by infancy and early life for both caregiving as well as transformational work, Ginny leans on evidence-based developmental theories as well as holistic parenting philosophies in her practice of somatic-based transformational modalities. She completed the Lifeways Early Childhood Year-Long Training in 2013 and is a founding parent at Golden Bridges School, the nation's first social-justice, Waldorf-inspired Farm school, in Mission Terrace, SF.

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