Newborn Care & Parenting: In-Person

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Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine is required for this in-person class. You will receive an email with a secure Google Form requesting submission of vaccine proof 2 days prior to your course.


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    We strongly recommend that you complete your prenatal education no later than your 36th week of pregnancy. Starting this course between weeks 28-32 will allow you time to comfortably integrate the content into your birth preparation and further explore topics that spark your interest.

    Note: Many classes fill up quickly! If you would like to take our Childbirth Prep 6 Week Series you may need to begin prior to 28 weeks.

    If you would like to attend this workshop virtually, CLICK HERE to register.

    Newborn Care & Parenting is designed for parents-to-be needing practical information on caring for your newborn. This workshop will increase your confidence through the transition to parenthood and incorporates direct instruction paired with hands-on practice.

    The focus of the class is the first 1-2 months of your baby’s life outside of the womb. You’ll learn how to adjust to being a parent and take care of yourself at the same time. Newborn appearance and clinical procedures will be summarized. Methods for swaddling, diapering and soothing newborns will be demonstrated and practiced.

    Topics of discussion include:

    -Interpreting your baby’s cues
    -Emotional adjustment
    -Postpartum support
    -What to expect regarding newborn behavior
    -Feeding your baby (see note regarding lactation below)
    -Latest recommendations from experts in the field

    The goal of this class is to make you feel better prepared to take care of your little one especially when you have not have much exposure to newborns in the past.

    Please Note:

    -We recommend taking Breast/Chest Feeding Class prior to this class if you plan to nurse your baby as this topic will NOT be discussed at length.
    -Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably as you will be on the floor for the hands-on portion of the class.
    -There will be a break for lunch, but you are encouraged to bring something for lunch as there may not be enough time to order and pick up food.
    -The registration fee includes a birth partner/support person.

    IMPORTANT IN-PERSON POLICY: If health and safety concerns warrant it (uptick in COVID-19 infection, poor air quality due to wild fires, etc) all in-person classes may be moved to a virtual format. Refunds and rescheduling, would not be offered in these circumstances. By signing up for in-person classes you are agreeing to this stipulation. We reserve the right to make this change at our discretion

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