Communication with Child Classes (Virtual and In-Person)

Explore our communication with child classes and workshops below! Learn how to talk to your infant, explore your baby's body language, and deal with temper tantrums like a pro! Our workshops teach you to read your newborn's hunger cues, sleep cues, and other crying cues. If you're interested in infant potty training and/or going diaper-free, you will enjoy our elimination communication classes. If you have a baby with hearing loss or are simply curious about American sign language for infants, you will like our infant sign language classes. But parental communication goes beyond the basic needs: we help you understand the psychology of your infant or toddler and learn how to discipline without yelling, shaming, or other forms of violence.

Note: Some of our classes are online (through live video chat) while others are in-person (in the Bay Area, California). Look for the word "virtual" or "in-person" in the class title to make sure you're choosing the right one.