Babyproofing Your Relationship - Essential Prep for Expecting Parents: In-Person

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Aaron Steinberg


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    This workshop is designed to benefit parents pregnant with their first child.If you would like to attend this course virtually Click here. If you are already "in the trenches" and parenting a baby or young child, check out Aaron's multi-week series HERE.

    You have the high-def monitor, the foam bumpers for furniture, and three kinds of safety gates, but what about protection for your relationship?

    New parenthood can be a fast-track to disconnection and dissatisfaction. The lack of sleep, intimacy, and time to yourself, and the added responsibility for one or more other lives, is quite likely to grab your shoulders and give a firm shake to your romantic foundation, exacerbate any previous issues, and bring new ones to the surface. Millions of new parents experience these same dynamics every day.

    But while this is the norm, there is a way to prepare yourselves to stay strong, stable, and connected through this turbulent time.

    Through a combination of education, sharing, and discussion, this course guides you through the most important and impactful information about dynamics you'll face, what you'll want to understand about yourself and each other, and conversations you need to have in advance of the baby arriving. It even includes written resources and checklists to make sure you have everything handled and reminders in place. It provides everything you need so you can love parenthood without sacrificing your relationship.

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    -This class is intended for first-time expecting parents
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    Think What to Expect When You’re Expecting for your romantic relationship.

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    Aaron F. Steinberg, MA, PCC, is a relationship coach, group facilitator, and father of two young boys. He is the Co-Founder and CEO, a relationship education and support organization. In addition to his MA in Integral Psychology, he has certificates in leadership development and sex education, is a NARM Complex and Developmental Trauma Practitioner, and is trained in couples therapy through the Gottman Institute and the Couples Institute. He has helped thousands of people learn to feel truly fulfilled in romantic relationships through individual and couples counseling, group workshops and courses, and his guidebook to working through romantic conflict called The Honesty Practice.

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