Comfy-Cozie Heat Wrap

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Get your hands on our favorite Moist Heat Body Therapy Wrap!

Ease away everyday aches + pains, knots + kinks

This wrap is recommended to help relieve the tightness and cramping in necks & shoulders associated with feeding and holding your baby. It can also be used during labor and is great for helping to ease back labor.  Just 2 minutes in the microwave and you have a 15 to 25 minute treatment session.

  • Ease pregnancy pains
  • Ease birthing contractions
  • Assist Milk let down
  • Relieve Breast Engorgement & Mastitis/Breast pain
  • Loosen shoulder kinks from nursing/holding

Made, Designed and Sourced in Northern CA, this wrap is made with love.  The designer is a Northern CA mom, runner, and multi-tasking maker.

Made in Oakland, CA

Unscented for Allergy Relief

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