Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Class - In-Person

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Class - In-Person

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    This workshop is designed to support and educate pregnant people and their partners about the process of breast/chest-feeding, and give the birthing person the tools they need to successfully begin nursing their newborn with confidence.

    During this class the following topics will be covered:

    -Health benefits to the lactating parent and baby
    -Basic anatomy and physiology of the breast
    -Care of the nursing parent
    -How to read baby's feeding cues
    -How to initiate breastfeeding
    -Correct positioning and latch
    -Problem solving
    -Bonding with your baby
    -Locating community lactation resources

    Pumping and bottle feeding will be discussed only briefly as one alternative to supplement your newborn in the early days if needed/desired. You will be provided with additional resources to explore regarding pumping to introduce the first bottle and pumping in order to return to work.

    Please Note:

    -Birth partner/support person is included in the registration fee.
    -Birth partner/support person can NOT be a pregnant friend.
    -Pregnant friends attending together need to register independently.
    -This class is intended for pregnant people. If you are not pregnant or you are interested in attending as a professional please contact us at for more information.