Recording Policy

*All classes may be recorded for administrative purposes.

Natural Resources is committed to providing education, empowerment, and cultivation of community and connection for all new families in San Francisco. This includes providing virtual classes via Zoom. Our classes are live (not pre-recorded). This is a decision we have made intentionally. Though our classes are virtual, and attendees are in different spaces, they are still gathering together at the same time to learn together in community. 

Please do not register for a class with the intention of receiving a recording. We host live classes at Natural Resources and wish to make all available registrations open to those who will attend the live class. This is one of our core values. Virtual classes have limited class sizes just as an in-person class would so that students can engage and facilitators can answer questions.  We DO see Zoom as a way to connect. 

We often encounter an expectation that our virtual offerings will be recorded and available in the event that a student can not attend the class as scheduled; however, this is not the case. Many of our offerings are not recorded and those that are recorded are not available to the general public. 

We have consciously decided to NOT record & sell on demand only classes in order to preserve the sense of community that is fostered in our classes. We understand however that emergencies may arise and one of the benefits of being virtual is the opportunity to revisit class material through a recording.

In order to allow for flexibility due to emergencies and the ability to review material through a recording, we will record sessions of our workshops to keep on file. 

- This recording will be moved from the Zoom platform to Natural Resources password protected Dropbox account.

- This file will be saved and available to future students under the two following conditions:

1) They experience technical difficulties during a live session and can not complete the session.

2) They register and anticipate attending a live session, but experience a medical emergency preventing them from doing so.

- Students who attend a live session may request this recording to review class information within 48 hours of their live class.

- If this recording is shared with a future student they will have access to view the recording for 14 days. This recording will not be sold separately or shared with anyone who does not register for the class.

If a recording is shared with a student the link will be provided with an expiration date and will not be available for download. 

*Administrative Purposes: When a class is recorded for administrative purposes it will be stored in the Natural Resource Dropbox. It will not be distributed or used for marketing purposes.

Class recording policy is subject to change.