Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair
Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair
Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair
Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair
Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair

Pumpin Pal Flange, Pair

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Pair of Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields angled breast pumping flanges. 

Compatible with Medela, Lansinoh, Hygeia, Rumble Tuff, Zomee, and Unimom.

Use with Spectra pumps requires an adapter. Spectra adapters work with Spectra, Cimilre, Ameda Mya (does NOT fit the Ameda Mya Joy), Motif Luna, and Hygeia FIT.

  • Eliminates constriction of milk ducts caused by traditional flanges.
  • Promotes better flow and reduces irritation to the nipple area.
  • Helps users to sit back in a more comfortable, natural position while pumping.
  • Considerably more comfortable than traditional flanges.
  • Can be used with hands-free systems for the ultimate in relaxed and productive pumping.
  • Especially effective for new moms and C-section moms.
  • Aids in the prevention of mastitis and other breast infections caused by plugged ducts.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Pumpin’ Pal shields work with Medela connectors, Lansinoh connectors, and Hygeia connectors. Spectra pump users purchase the Spectra adapters
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free.

Small and extra small size flanges are made of silicone and include the collar ring. All other sizes are BPA-free plastic.

How to Use the Small and Extra-Small Silicone Flanges


The inside surface of the innovative ElastAssist™ silicone flanges is designed to grip your skin which keeps elastic nipple tissue from stretching and closing off milk ducts, but that makes it hard to get your nipple deep enough in the tunnel. The steps in this guide will lead you through our special application method to fold the silicone out of the way and use your pump's suction to gently pull your nipple deeper into the tunnel. The first few times may feel a little awkward, but once you get the hang of it your muscle memory kicks in and you'll get them on in seconds!

Step 1: Push Collar Ring into Bottle Adapter

Step 2: Insert Flange into Collar Ring

Spread water or saliva around the outside of the tunnel base to help it go in easier and make a better seal. Then twist the flange tunnel into the collar ring.

The flange should go at least 80% into the collar ring but not past the end

Step 3: Set The Pump Up

Set up the pump to

  • slowest cycling speed (expression mode or push letdown/massage button to turn it off)
  • medium vacuum
  • one-sided pumping by blocking off the second tube, so there's max vacuum to pull your nipple past the grippy silicone to get it deep enough in the tunnel (just to put on the first side)

Medela: Push letdown button to turn it off and turn vacuum up halfway

Spectra: 38 and 5

Motif Luna: 30 and 5

Lansinoh Smartpump: Style 3

Baby Buddha: Expression level 3

Ameda Mya: Expression level 5

Tip: Attach both tubes to the pump, fold the second tube, and stick the folded end into the open triangle of a medium binder clip (don't clip it) - then just slip it off for suction to apply the second flange.

Step 4: Fold Back Flange

Fold it back to expose the tunnel. Pinch to make the tunnel opening round (unless your nipple shape fits the oval opening). Hold back the thick lower part FIRMLY to keep it away from your areola so your nipple gets in deep enough.

Tip: Having trouble getting your nipple in deep enough? Bend it back 1/4" more.

Step 5: Apply Flange

Bring the flange as close to your areola as possible without touching.

When the vacuum draws in, bring the flange in to touch your areola.

Spectra: Watch the round backflow protector for when it moves away toward the tube

Medela: Listen for the pump's "inhale" sound, or watch for your nipple moving away from you, or when you feel the tug.

SUPPORT NEEDED: They can fall off when the bottle gets heavy, so they need to be supported with your hands or a pumping bra like standard flanges.

Step 6: Unfold Flange

Unfold the flange slowly without popping or snapping back: Place your fingers outside flange (inside the folded top part). Move your pointer fingers on top of the tunnel and your middle fingers below it, pressing them inward firmly. Then spread your pointer fingers slowly toward the edge as the flange slowly unfolds.

Apply the second flange: Plug in the second tube to the pump (or slip off the binder clip) and repeat steps 1-6.

When both flanges are on, change the pump settings to whatever works best for you (letdown, etc)

It's okay to massage or compress your breasts - just use your hand or a pumping bra to hold the flange in place (it's fine if suction breaks so long as your nipple stays in place).

Step 7: Check the Fit

  • Nipple deep in tunnel (areola position not important) (No? Reapply folding flange back a little more)
  • Nipple centered (No? Gently tug skin around flange to adjust)
  • Nipple sides touching tunnel sides (No? Reapply folding flange back a little more, or size down)
  • Completely comfortable, no pain or pinching

To remove, slip a finger underneath to break suction - don't peel off.


Wash every 3-4 sessions or once a day, whichever comes first, wiping dry in between.

  • Hand wash with clean sponge or brush and grease-cutting soap like basic Dawn Ultra (yellow ducks on label), Palmolive, or similar, dry with lint-free cloth
  • DON'T use antibacterial, oxy, baby-friendly, or earth-friendly dish soaps (leave slippery film on silicone)
  • Safe for dishwasher top rack (may become cloudy but doesn't affect performance)
  • Don't store in the fridge (bonds oil to silicone)
  • Sterilization with water safe but not necessary unless medically needed

SOAPS & MOISTURIZERS - What to use & avoid with silicone flanges

When you first use PumpinPal silicone flanges, we recommend first trying them without any kind of lubricants on the flanges or your breasts. If you do want to use lubricant after trying without, be sure to use plenty. Many dish and body soaps contain “hidden” moisturizers and lubricants that can negatively affect the silicone’s ability to hold back the elastic skin.  The following is a list of soaps to use, and to avoid.

Dish Soaps


  • Dawn Ultra (original)
  • Dawn Powerwash
  • Palmolive (original)
  • Ajax (original)
  • Walmart Great Value (original)
  • Charcoal soaps (without added moisturization)
Lubricating film (avoid):
  • Dapple
  • Dawn Ultra Antibacterial
  • Dawn Antibacterial
  • Dawn Oxi
  • Seventh Generation
  • Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean
  • Mrs. Meyer’s
  • Ecover
  • Kirkland Ultra Shine
  • Honest
  • Method
  • Green Works
  • Ecos
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  •  Castile
  • Any antibacterial
  • Any "shine"
  • Any oxy/oxi


Nipple/Areola Shower Soap


  • Neutrogena facial bar (original)
  • Ivory bar (original)
  • Dial bar (original)
  • Irish Spring (original)
  • Safeguard
  • Lever 2000

Moisturizing (avoid):

  • Dove (all types)
  • Aveeno
  • Nivea
  • Olay
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Castile soaps
  • Spectro gel cleanser
  • Dial liquid
  • All liquid body soaps
  • Bar soaps labeled as “moisturizing”, “nourishing”, “hydrating”, “soothing”

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