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Mission Bernal Women’s Health is the 2021 Champion Sponsor of “It Takes A Village” Fundraising Campaign. 

Today we’re excited to feature our It Takes A Village Champion Sponsor, Sutter Health’s Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic. We are truly grateful for Mission Bernal’s leadership in championing our cause to help uplift families and ensure that our essential services are always available. 

Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic's mission aligns so beautifully with what we’re working toward at Natural Resources. It’s an honor to partner with this amazing organization to serve women, children, and families. 

Together, we’ll look at: 

  • What Makes the Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic Unique?  
  • Their Collaborative Model of Care
  • How the Clinic Cares for Women Throughout Their Lifespan
  • The Beauty of a Clinic that Really Reflects the Community it Serves...
  • Award-Winning Care at Mission Bernal
  • How You Can Connect with the Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic

What Makes the Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic Unique?  

The Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic believes that the health of women is directly tied to the well-being of families and communities. And so do we. 

This belief has led to two amazing attributes that really set the women’s clinic apart from any other in San Francisco…

  1. The clinic is a collaborative practice...with nurse-midwives and OB/GYN doctors working together.
  2. The clinic offers comprehensive care throughout a woman’s life. 

We’ve seen firsthand how these benefits provide a better quality of care for women in our community. Let’s take a closer look at each. 

A Collaborative Model of Care

Mission Bernal is unique in the sense that doctors and midwives participate equally in the care of all patients. Midwives are experts in low risk and uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth, while MDs are available 24/7 if things become more complicated. 

This philosophy of collaboration extends to their work with anesthesiologists, pediatricians, high-risk OB and pediatric doctors, nurses, social workers and beyond. 

The ultimate goal? For everyone on the team provide the safest and most complete care — through collaboration! 

Care Throughout a Woman’s Lifespan

Through this collaborative practice, Mission Bernal is able to provide personalized care for a woman’s needs throughout their life, from pregnancy to menopause. This creates a really comprehensive model of care that allows women to get to know their providers and receive a continuum of care throughout all the phases of their lives. 

Getting to know their patients allows the team to personalize the care of each patient, tailoring what is needed from them on an individual basis. 

By doing this great work, the women’s clinic is working to reverse siloed care — which can actually promote health care inequities… But by caring for the needs of the “whole woman” — the women’s clinic is working to improve not just the lives of the women they serve, but the families and communities that these women are a part of. 

We love that Mission Bernal is working to improve the lives of communities and that they strive to reflect the communities they serve...

The Beauty of a Clinic that Really Reflects the Community it Serves...

Not only are the women’s clinic’s methods collaborative and comprehensive...but they’re inclusive. 

The diversity seen in their patients is truly reflective of the different people groups and cultures seen in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many clients have deep roots in the local community. And others are immigrants from across the world...Central America, Brazil, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Ukraine... 

But no matter where someone is from, the incredible team at the women’s clinic works to adapt and tailor their care to meet people's expectations....and more accurately reflect what care would look like in their home countries.

Fun Fact: Clinic providers speak a variety of languages English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil!

This is very special, because most of the clinics in SF end up only serving one subset of the population...simply because of barriers due to insurance. But at the women’s clinic, you’ll find a rainbow of people and cultures  — 60% utilize Medicaid/Medicare and 40% are privately insured. 

What’s even better? The clinic has special programming for uninsured and under-insured patients, both prenatally and those seeking GYN services. So no one is left out. 

That means any woman truly can receive the quality — award winning! — level of care offered by Mission Bernal. 

Award-Winning Care at Mission Bernal

Even through a challenging pandemic, 2021 was a successful year for the women’s clinic. They stayed true to their core values, mission, and continued to care for their patients through a very difficult season. 

We want to highlight and celebrate their successes this year!

Recipient of the 2021 Maternity Honor Roll Award

For excellent performance and progress in reducing cesarean rates among low risk, first births and for their participation in California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative’s Maternal Data Center.

Named Best Hospital in the San Francisco/Marin Region

The Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic is part of Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center which received this prestigious award by readers of Bay Area Parent for the third consecutive year in a row!

How You Can Connect with the Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic

The Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic offers obstetric and gynecological care including:

  • Prenatal services
  • Labor & Delivery services
  • Mental Health support
  • Prenatal Group education
  • Postpartum & Breastfeeding support 

If you or someone you know are interested in receiving care from Mission Bernal, reach out to them today! Visit the Sutter Mission Bernal Women's Clinic website. Or call (415) 641-6996 to schedule an appointment.

You can also connect with the women’s clinic on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop with all the current events at the clinic! 

Watch this video to learn more about Mission Bernal Women’s Clinic’s services:


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