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Seven Days of Play!

Wednesday, Jan 31st through Tuesday, Feb 6th

W - MINI DANCE PARTY! Let the little ones release some energy! We'll have kids tunes & provide scarves, shakers, and castanets for a rock’n time.

Th - BUILD A FORT! Go crazy with our pillows, blankets, yoga bolsters, and more to build the most epic cooperative fort ever.

F - TEA (PARTY) TIME! Have your little ones bring their most honored guests - dolls, stuffies, etc - for a pretend fancy tea party. W/ DIY paper crowns! (+ real tea for grown-ups!)

Sat - DIY PLAYGROUND Use our modular wooden slides, platforms, rockers, and other RIE equipment to create & re-create a customized playscape!

Sun - BOXAPALOOZA!  We’re saving up a heap of cardboard box!es Stack ‘em, color ’em, build a castle or a spaceship, or anything you can dream up!

M - SHARED STORYTIME Come join other families in a self-facilitated storytime in the play area. Parents are invited to take turns reading aloud your family’s current favorite book.

Tu - COLORING DAY  Get ready for a burst of creativity with our NR coloring sheets and art supplies for an artistic adventure! We would love to pin up your child's finished art!

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