Steps to selling a home with a little one

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This blog post comes from longtime community member and father of 2, Alex Clark. He will donate a portion of real estate sales to Natural Resources when you mention us.  Learn more about Alex and TheFrontSteps

Navigating the world of real estate can be stressful for anyone, but especially for new parents. It's easy to get overwhelmed and unsure of where to start or how to handle it all while caring for a newborn, infant, or toddler! That’s why we’re here - let us help you figure out your next steps towards selling your home with ease during this major life change. We will guide you through ways in which you can make sure that the process is stress-free and successful, so that when it's all said and done you can find yourself happily settled into a brand new spot. So grab a cup of coffee or tea (and maybe your little one!) and dive right in with us as we give you a few tips and tricks on how to sell your home smoothly after becoming new parents!

  1. Get professional help: Get yourself an experienced real estate agent. Not only will they be able to answer all your questions, but they’ll also be able to provide you with an estimate of what your home is worth, make sure that you’re getting the best price, and discuss all of your there are many.
  2. Start planning early: As soon as you start to consider selling your home, be sure to plan ahead and gather all the necessary paperwork and documents that you’ll need. It may be difficult to prioritize this when you have so much on your plate, but it will make the entire process much easier and smoother in the long run, and by hiring a real estate professional like those of us at theFrontSteps we'll help you organize ALL of the required seller disclosures, pre-inspections, and mandated energy work needed prior to marketing/selling your home.
  3. Consider your timing: Timing is everything, especially in San Francisco, when it comes to selling a house, even more so if you have a baby or toddler. Think about when it would be best for you and your family to move - this could vary from season to season, or even month to month depending on your lifestyle. Pro tip: Best time to sell in San Francisco is typically Spring or Fall, Marin...doesn't really matter. :-)
  4. Check out the market: You’ll want to check out the local housing market to determine how much your home might be worth, obviously, and do it as close to when you plan to sell as possible. This will help you set a realistic price when it comes time to list your home and will give you a good idea of what to expect. Things literally change week by week in our area, so again, hiring a pro who knows the nuances of our hyper local market is the best decision you'll make.
  5. Prepare, market and sell your home: This is where a Realtor with a team of professionals, like myself, who provides concierge level of service will be invaluable. Ideally, we would find your replacement property first (this is an entirely different discussion), get you moved, then let our team repair, paint, stage, photograph, and market your home without you in it...with no up front costs. Give us the keys, we'll make it shine, get it on the market, negotiate any offers, handle the entire process from beginning to end while you're comfortably somewhere else changing diapers, wiping spit up off your shirt, taking classes with my wife, Amy Clark, at Natural Resources, meeting other new parents, getting a solid three hours of sleep, and enjoying all the wonderful things being a new parent brings.


These are just some of the many things to consider when selling your home as a new parent. There are more, and a good conversation with an experienced REALTOR (and ideally REALTOR who is also a parent) will help set your mind at ease and establish a game plan. With the right preparation and guidance, you can make the process of selling your home as stress-free and successful as possible. So, if you’re a new parent looking to sell your home, contact me today and let’s get started!

Buying a home as a new parent...well that's something else altogether. Let's discuss....



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