Becoming Dad: Virtual

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Joe Cook


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    This workshop is designed to facilitate confidence and engagement in new (0-3 months) and expecting fathers as you navigate your transition to becoming a dad.

    There are countless resources for pregnant people as they prepare for the birth of their children. Our hope is that you will also invest in yourself as you prepare and anticipate the journey of becoming a dad.

    In this workshop you will:

    -Acquire knowledge, tools, and resources to navigate changing relationships and family dynamics, including being a support to partners, negotiating co-parenting, and managing intergenerational relationships.
    -Explore fathers’ roles during childbirth, infancy, and beyond.
    -Connect with other first-time dads.
    -Quiz veteran dads who regularly attend the Natural Resources Dads Group regarding things they have learned during their parenthood journey including but not limited to navigating parental leave, tips for taking care of yourself, managing the lack of sleep, and navigating this pandemic.
    -Describe a personal vision and identify core values that guide the transition to fatherhood, support communication with partners and family, and shape parent-child relationships.

    Please Note:

    -It is recommended that children do not attend this session.