Handmade Bamboo Crochet Teething Rattle - Carrot

Handmade Bamboo Crochet Teething Rattle - Carrot



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These rattles are lovingly hand-crocheted using luxuriously soft yarn derived from the pulp of the organically grown and sustainably harvested bamboo trees. Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant  (growing 40+ inches in only 24 hours) making it one of the most environmentally sustainable & renewable resources.

Soft & richly textured, this carrot rattle is a perfect plaything for babies or for older siblings, who can cook them up in a play kitchen, or use in a pretend garden or produce stand.

All their toys are designed in San Francisco, USA, and lovingly hand-crocheted by a team of artisan women in China, mostly mothers and farmers working to provide their families with extra income for basic needs.