Practical Baby Gifts

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Need ideas for a practical baby gift? Here's some of our favorite practical baby items:

Muslin Swaddles - real MVPs, muslin swaddles are always useful. You can use them for, of course, swaddling - but so much more! They'll want to have a couple in their diaper bag at all times to use as a sun shade, light blanket, nursing cover, burp cloth, impromptu bib, picnic blanket, or changing pad. 

Socks - you think the dryer likes eating your size 8.5 adult socks? Just wait until it gets its hands (jaws?) on those itty bitty little baby versions. Plus babies often manage to kick them off & lose them. Adding a few socks to your gift will definitely be appreciated.

Noise Machine  - help baby fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer

Nasal Aspirator  - aka Snot Sucker, and yes, you DEFINITELY need one.

Bibs & Burp Cloths - there will be so. much. laundry. And always having a clean bib ready to grab is going to make their lives easier.

Sun Hats - On their own page since there are too many to list here, sun hats are a must-have. It isn't recommended to use sunscreen before 6 months of age, so these adorable hats are needed year-round to protect wee ones' delicate skin.

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