Pregnant! Now What? Navigating Pregnancy + Birth in the Bay Area: Virtual

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Lauren Miller Brown


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    Whether you are a first time parent, new to the Bay Area, or maybe it has been a few years since you’ve welcomed a baby into your family this workshop was designed for you.

    We recommend that you attend this workshop in your first trimester or early second trimester as you are beginning to explore and make decisions regarding your birth including where you will birth your baby, how you are going to birth your baby, and which resources you want to access as you prepare for birth. Not only will you leave this workshop with confidence making birth time decisions, but also with new connections to other parents following your same gestational timeline.

    Topics covered throughout the workshop:
    -Birthing locations and birth time decision making
    -Creating your birth team (Midwife, Doula, OB, Family/Friends)
    -Nutrition and Active Living during pregnancy
    -Personalized timeline for pregnancy and postpartum
    -Preparing for postpartum

    Please Note:

    -Registration does not include a support person; however, you are welcome to register them separately.


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