Rest and Receive - A Reiki-infused Sound Bath: In Person

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Christine Lu Singh

Please note: We kindly ask that you attend without your child(ren). Take this time for your own care.


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    Note: This workshop is designed for all caregiving adults including pregnant parents, new parents, birth workers, and birth & postpartum professionals.

    Join us for a new monthly offering at Natural Resources that'll help you move from your mind and drop into your heart with a peaceful, restorative experience to soothe your soul.

    This is a 60 min class featuring a guided Sound Bath Meditation infused with Reiki energy healing led by Intuitive Guide, Christine Lu Singh, to help bring balance in your mind, body and spirit. You'll be immersed in the sound vibrations of Crystal Tone Alchemy bowls, a wave drum and chimes that'll bring you into a deeper state of relaxation. The sound waves along with the Reiki energy healing will help melt away stress and overwhelm and promote peace and calm.

    The practice will be done lying down and you'll be guided into a deep sound healing meditation journey. There will also be moments of connection to build community.

    Items to Bring to Class:

    -Wear comfortable layers you can lie down in
    -Eye mask
    -Water bottle
    -An open mind and heart

    About Reiki: Sound healing is a deeply nourishing experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrations of the crystal alchemy singing bowls, chimes and other instruments played live by Sound Healer, Christine Lu Singh. The sound waves can help you release trapped emotions, quiet an overactive mind, melt away stress and overwhelm, promote peace and calm, recalibrate your energy centers (chakras) and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for rest and relaxation.

    Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses the power of invisible life force energy that flows through your body and around your body to promote healing. Reiki translates to “spirit energy”. Relax, receive and release energy blockages that can cause imbalances in your physical and emotional wellbeing.

    Please Note:

    -We ask that each adult register separately.
    -We kindly ask that you attend without your baby.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.