Adventures with My Daddies

Adventures with My Daddies



Peachtree Publishers

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Written by Gareth Peter and illustrated by Garry Parsons

An Own Voices author and illustrator team up on this gentle, yet whimsical story that sends one diverse family on an amazing bedtime adventure. A perfect read for LGBTQ+ and adoptive families!

"My daddies are amazing. They're funny, kind, and smart.
And when they read me stories...exciting journeys start!"

Set off on a series of incredible adventures with an endearing family as the bedtime stories they read burst into colorful life. Together, the daddies and their little one battle dragons, dodge deadly dinosaurs, zoom to the moon, and explore the world in a hot air balloon, before winding down in a wonderfully cozy ending.


Target Age: 4-8

Pages: 32

Published: 2021