Affiliate Program FAQs + Tips

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How does this affiliate thing work?

In a nutshell, once you register a referral link will be created for you in the Affiliatly app. When you share your link, and a sale is made using it, you will earn a commission. 

Where do I find my default affiliate link?

Your link is in your welcome email (along with other tips). You can also find it on your account dashboard.  

affiliate dashboard

FYI This image will be referred to elsewhere on this page.

What’s the best way to share my link?
Get creative or stay simple... it’s up to you. All of the following are great ways to get the word out. 
  • Add your link in your email signature. “Looking for great baby products? Shop small with Natural Resources
  • Add your link to your website.
    • Include it on your local resources page
    • Create a recommended baby products list and generate links to individual products
    • Add to blog posts
  • Send out an email/newsletter to your clients
  • Use Social Media
    • Educate your community about products you love on social media and share your link
    • Add your link to your link tree

    TIP #1: Images will make it stand out - Use the available logos, graphics and other marketing materials we provide to make your referral more engaging or informative. You can find them on the “Marketing Tools” page/tab in your account. We are also happy to send you other images you can use of products. Just reach out.


    How do I generate a link for a specific class or product?

    On the “Link Generator” page/tab you are able to generate a link for specific items (products, classes or rental page) on our site. This way you can direct folks to the exact items you want to highlight. Visit our website to search for the classes or products you want to refer to copy and paste the url into the generator.

    TIP #2  - Our classes range up to $825 (for doula training) so just a few purchases through your link could add up quickly. These are some of our most popular prenatal classes. You can generate a link to this collection page OR directly to each class you want to feature.  

    What's the cookie duration for this affiliate program?

    15 days.

    What's a cookie anyway?

    A cookie is a way of tracking site activity. If someone uses your link, but does not purchase right away, you'll still get credit if they shop within 15 days.

    How much do I earn per sale through the affiliate program?

    4.5%  per sale. The payout threshold is $50.

    How else can we work together? 

    Visit our community connections page to see other ways we can partner with one another. 


    Email with questions. 


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